Are You Looking for Something Extraordinary for an Event?

Then look no further! Be it a team event, a birthday party, a bachelor party or a family reunion, we have the location for you!

Our recommendation: first, an escape game with up to 40 people at a time, followed by drinks in the Escape Bar.

We also welcome larger groups in multiple rounds.

Space for over 100 people (bar & escape rooms)
Reserve individual tables, an entire floor or the complete bar area
Book the bar area with or without escape games
Individual aperitif and drink offers (see "Aperitif Offers" page)
Projector and pull down screen in the bar for presentations


The group dynamics and camaraderie are strengthened through open communication and cooperation. Some of the puzzles can only be solved with coordinated teamwork.


Forget day to day life for an hour and immerse yourself in another world. When solving the puzzles there are no limits to your imagination.

Logical Thinking

Complex problems have to be solved under time pressure. Connections between clues need to be recognized and then combined to make the right decisions.


Find out who plays which role within the team and where each member’s strengths lie. Experience positive team dynamics.


The diverse tasks require foresight and a creative approach. Out of the box thinking is a must.


Team members get to know each other while having fun. This increases motivation and lifts the team spirit.

Aperitif Offers

Planning a private and unique celebration?
Start or end your team event with an aperitif!

Apéro Pluto

2 Basic Drinks*
(Softdrinks / Beer / Wine / Prosecco)
Unlimited Coffee/Tea

16 CHF/Person

Apéro Uranus

2 Longdrinks*
Unlimited Coffee/Tea

32 CHF/Person

Apéro Mars

1 Sandwich
2 Mini Bread Rolls**
2 Basic Drinks*
(Softdrinks / Beer / Wine /Prosecco)
Unlimited Coffee/Tea

24 CHF/Person

Apéro Jupiter

Stuffed meter loaf**
Small dessert (brownie or amaretti)
2 Basic Drinks*
(Softdrinks / Beer / Wine / Prosecco)
Unlimited Coffee/Tea

28 CHF/Person

Apéro Sun

Platter with cheese, meat and cured ham with melon
Bread rolls
Mini patisseries
2 Basic Drinks*
(Softdrinks / Beer / Wine / Prosecco)
Unlimited Coffee/Tea

(available from 10 people)

40 CHF/Person

Apéro Saturn

One small pizza (24 cm) each from our partner dieci Pizzakurier St.Gallen in 4 different varieties ( customizable:) Margherita, Verde (vegetarian) Prosciutto e funghi, Salame
2 Basic Drinks*
(Softdrinks / Beer / Wine / Prosecco)
Unlimited Coffee/Tea

29 CHF/Person

Champagne reception

(available from 5 people)

7 CHF/Person

If you would like to reserve part or all of the bar for your larger event, we will be happy to check availability for you. Recommended course of events: escape game with up to 36 people at the same time and then aperitif in the Escape Bar. We welcome larger groups in multiple rounds: in succession or on different days. In the meantime the other half of the group can enjoy drinks in the in-house bar. We are also happy to implement your special requests on demand, please contact us. Our team is ready to help you organize your next unforgettable event!

* Free choice of drinks: for an additional fee of 7 CHF per person and per drink All our aperitif offers contain a free choice of tea or coffee and basic drinks (soft drinks, beer or cider). For an additional charge of 7 CHF per drink and per person, we offer a free choice of drinks from the full range of spirits, gin and tonic, cocktail and spritz creations on offer in the Escape Bar.

**Fillings: Vegetables with tomato & mozzarella, egg, cheese, tuna, salmon, ham, meat loaf, salami, Mostbröckli (a narrower selection of fillings is on offer for smaller groups)

Contact us!