Diverse locations and challenges make our outdoor escape games perfect for anyone who likes solving puzzles while exploring new places in St. Gallen and its surroundings.

For larger groups of four or more people, you can choose on-site whether you want to play the mission in classic mode or in duel mode against each other!

For even larger groups, we offer tailored outdoor escape games, starting at your chosen location and incorporating your specific content for a personalized experience.

A mysterious organization has reactivated a mind control experiment thought to have been discontinued long ago - and successfully perfected it into a virus. There is still no reliable information on the mode of transmission, but around 20% of the world's population seems to be infected with it. It is certain that St. Gallen is the focal point of the virus. The virus is still dormant, but once activated, our free will is at stake. The stakes are high!

The world counts on you: as experienced W.I.S.E. agents stationed in St. Gallen, it is your responsibility to eliminate this threat. You will receive a briefing from your contact. Use your equipment and all your skills to mitigate the threat and neutralize the virus in time. The clock is ticking!

A long time ago our world was connected to other worlds of magic and sorcery... and nameless monsters! These devastated our lands and brought fear and terror. The portals were finally locked by magical goblins. Peace has reigned ever since, and the goblins still stand guard and the portals remain tightly shut.

Recently, a goblin was magically put to sleep. The portal he was guarding was opened and monsters are once again pouring into our world, spreading fear among the good citizens of St. Gallen. The goblins need your help to collect the magic crystals, only then can the portal be locked again. Be brave, face the challenge and use all your skills so that peace can return to our world!

A large-scale cyberattack has crippled the power grid in St. Gallen to a great extent. Only the most essential institutions and authorities can maintain their functions with emergency generators - but we know from a reliable source that further attacks are planned. In the event of a complete blackout, it is only a matter of time before society descends into violence and anarchy!

You are immediately summoned by W.I.S.E., an international agency fighting criminal activities, to neutralize this threat. Your contact will update you and hand over an extensive ActionPack with which you can master any challenge. This difficult mission will demand everything from you. Good luck, agents!

Individual Outdoor Escape

For larger groups, we offer customized routes.

  • Location also possible outside of St. Gallen (e.g., at a conference venue)
  • Integration of customer-specific texts, images into the story
  • Integration of additional, unique game elements not included in the basic game

If interested, please contact us!


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