The world of magic has a myriad of magical creatures and animals in it, but there are a mere few as fascinating as the phoenix. Reborn out of fire, one of this fiery birds is an old and faithful companion of your wizarding teacher. But the might of this creature is also a source of great envy in some others.

Your teachers' rivals have seen their opportunity and kidnapped the phoenix. Now they try to sacrifice him in a magic experiment that should increase their own power. Your teacher has immediately called for his most loyal and talented students in a desperate attempt to save his companion. But the time is running – the procedure has already started and there is only one hour left, until the experiment reaches its terrible conclusion.

It's never easy to break out of prison. But to escape from this security area is said to be nearly impossible!

Your team was arrested due to a political conspiracy and your appeal was unsuccessful too. You find out, that in an hour you are to be extradited to the cruel dictator who instigated the plot against you. Your last chance: to flee!

This mission is especially tricky! We therefore recommend that you start your mission with at least 4 people!

Scary rumors are making the rounds. The popular press never tire of reporting about a recently built and strictly guarded facility. There is supposedly a secret lab inside the building. The allegations are further supported by the numerous agents and scientists who frequent the area dressed in black and white.

You are a group of activist whistleblowers who are tired of this secrecy and suspect vicious intentions.

To your surprise you arrive in the very last hour. The clock is ticking: tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock…

Our original game, Top Secret, is set up in two identical rooms. This makes it possible for two teams to play the exact same mission simultaneously. Come and challenge your friends, family or colleagues.

Which team will be the first to complete the mission? Who needs less hints or no help at all? If you wish, we will evaluate the teams and determine a winning team.

On your mark, get set, go! The duel can be played with 4 to 12 people. We recommend 4 against 4 or 5 against 5!

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After pressing the „BUY NOW“ button, you can choose, if you prefer to order a coupon for printing yourself via e-mail (within an hour attached to the confirmation mail), or you order a printed coupon that is sent to you via post (it takes in Switzerland 2 to 4 working days). Coupon categories and prices:

Coupon for a game with 2 players: 100 CHF
Coupon for a game with 3 players: 135 CHF
Coupon for a game with 4 players: 160 CHF
Coupon for a game with 5 players: 175 CHF
Coupon for a game with 6 players: 198 CHF
Coupon for 1 person: 50 CHF (The coupon owner brings further players with himself who pay for themselves)

Buy now!

Your Team will be introduced into a story where you will find logical challenges and technical puzzles. You will need to find hints in the room and combine them in order to solve the puzzle and crack the mystery! Don't worry, upon arrival we will explain everything and you will be ready to go!

Everyone from young to old! Everyone who loves exploring, solving puzzles and playing in a team. The difficulty level of the puzzles are intended for adults. However, children and adolescents with strong curiosity and good intuition under the age of 16 years and accompanied by adults are welcome and will have fun as well!

There is nothing frightening or dangerous in the game, it’s only the ticking clock that raises your adrenalin level.

You can book a game for 2 – 6 players. We recommend an optimal group size of 3 – 5 participants. However, if you are courageous enough you can book a room as a two-man team. With 5 – 6 players the team-dynamics will defiantly be fired up and fun is guaranteed.

The final price is based on the number of participants:

2 players: 100 CHF (50 CHF / person / game)
3 players: 135 CHF (45 CHF / person / game)
4 players: 160 CHF (40 CHF / person / game)
5 players: 175 CHF (35 CHF / person / game)
6 players: 198 CHF (33 CHF / person / game)

For more than 6 players* 33 CHF / person (*only available by prior arrangement and not for all missions)

Children up to 16 years of age receive a discount of CHF 10 per child!

Games can be booked with start times between:

Monday - Thursday: 10:00 am - 10:40 pm
Friday - Saturday: 10:00 am - 00:10 am
Sunday: 10:00 am - 10:40 pm

Appointments can be booked online with a lead time of 24 hours. Call us for bookings at shorter notice.

The Event should take approximately 90 minutes. A maximum of 60 minutes for the game and some time to prepare and to reflect. If you can solve the mystery in less than 60 minutes and leave the room – Wow! But we will take care to avoid it happening to often.

Please come on time. In many cases the room is already booked for another group shortly after. So we will need to shorten the time you can spend in the room.

Sure! Just let us know the date of your booking by email and we will provide you English speaking staff.

Please write us a mail to so that no questions remain unanswered.